It’s been a week since school starts, and Labor Day weekend is on the corner which gives the hustle bustle first week a small break, so that I’m able to write this article. I just want to record the first high-class restaurant I went in NYC—Chef’s Club. But the price is pretty expensive as well…YOU JUST CAN’T EAT THIS ALL THE TIME! for sure. But since me and my boyfriend just ended our long-distance and we wanted to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, so…. here we came! Continue Reading

One of the retail innovation trend is digitalizations. Integrating online and brick-and-mortar store, Rebecca Minkoff with eBay launched digital flagship shops in New York city and San Francisco. In the stores, there are touch-panel walls and fitting room mirrors which connect to all of the brand’s digital and social media content.

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Hello guys! Welcome to my second video! This time I’d like to share my favorite cleansing and fragrance products. But honestly there were too many stuffs to share so please excuse me for my super long video…I personally think that odor is a very important thing that people somehow judge a person not only from his/her appearance, but also how he/she smells. Continue Reading