Hello! I haven’t update for a while since I was pretty busy looking for job and interviewing and really don’t have a mood to talk about what’s going on. People keep asking me about how’s your job and life going, I’m just like “eh…not much.” Recently I also got some messages asking about how’s the job-hunting in NY fashion industry, and I think this is actually a very interesting topic, especially from a standpoint of international student. So I think it would be a good idea for my next post, but now I think I don’t have much to share. lol.

Two days ago I went to the Victorian Garden Amusement Park in Central Park with my friends. The weather was 90+ degree and it was scorching hot that basically my makeup and hair were totally out of control… All I can say is that it was exactly the same as the summer in Taiwan. Based on that kind of temperature I tried to minimize the amount of fabric on my look… So my outfit was a spaghetti strap top, button front skirt and a pair of lace-up sandals. It was just too hot!!!

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My recent favorite is this pair of lace-up sandals. I love those chunky heels which are super walkable. The lace-up trend is beyond popular as you can easily find lots of lace-up styles in probably every brand and store here. If a brand doesn’t launch some lace-up flats or sandals, it’s quite a pity that their buyer or product developer missed this big trend to make money! Anyway, I wasn’t very into this kind of design at first because it somehow reminds me of the bundled Chinese ham… and on the other hand, lace-up isn’t a very pleasant and fair choice for girls with wide calves. But after brainwashed by so many outfit posts and ads on Instagram, I changed my mind and thought that lace-up could be a not-so-bad idea. So I got one from Steve Madden!

Another new summer favorite of mine is this straw hat. I was in charge of Eric Javits and Eugenia Kim in my previous job, and I must say that their straw hats are so gorgeous, but their prices are also extremely expensive…. I kept looking at those line-sheets and pretty photos on their website, and it was hard not getting one for myself. Sadly, I can only afford the $10 version from a street vendor, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

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Speaking of summer, there’s actually a lot of things to do in New York, much more than in winter. Aside from this amusement park, my list includes going to Rockaway Beach, canoeing on Hudson River and hiking somewhere near the city. It’s just that when you live in the city for a while you really need some fresh air and embrace the nature a bit…

Is it because that reaching at a certain level of age, like 25, people really start to care about their health and the idea of work-life balance? At least that my recent life was pretty simple: workout, job-hunting, interviewing and take some walks. It was very simple which gave me lots of time to think and observe.

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Friends who are working keep making efforts to prove themselves. Those who are looking for relationship or jobs keep searching. And some of them decide to leave here and go back to their own countries. But I think we are all in search of a sense of steadiness while feeling somehow a little lost at some moments. Um… C’est la vie. But I believe that maintaining a positive attitude and specific goal are relatively important at this period of awkward life transition. It’s a concept that “if you distribute more positive energy and you will receive more positive feedback.”  So I talked to some mentors and friends and learn more about their industry experience and informations, and encouraged each other to have faith in our life in a different country.

Sometimes it comes to my mind that this is a place that almost nothing is irreplaceable. People have less patience in their job and relationship, and believe “Next will be better.” But I think memory and experience are definitely irreplaceable. Next month will be my anniversary of living in New York, and it seems quite long but honestly speaking it’s not that long at all. I’m not sure how long I can stay here, but of course the longer the better, and I understand there’s a price to pay. So I keep telling myself: keep making good memories, try my best to absorb different experience and meet more extraordinary people.

I’m very glad to have lots of great and outstanding friends who always give me advice and guidance… 🙂

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Thanks for the reading and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Photo Credit: Estela Chen

Top – Brandy Melville 
Skirt – Urban Outfitters
Bag – & Other Stories
Sandals – Steve Madden

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