Today I want to talk about vintage shopping and how to mix-match the outfit with vintage items to create an unique and chic look. So I’ve been addicted to vintage shopping recently ever since I got a little handbag from Manhattan Vintage Show earlier last month. I kinda enjoy the process of digging through piece by piece, and getting a super cool item without breaking the bank.  Well, some vintages do cost a lot of money but that’s another story 😛

Apparently half of my closet is composed by Zara or H&M, just like every other girl trying to survive (but also look chic) in New York. So what I like to do is mix-matching these cool vintages with fast fashion items, and highlighting the look with some special designs.

Talking about the outfit today, it’s actually inspired by one of the themes from the 2017 Spring Trend Forecasting report I did before. In 2017, Minimalism evolves into a more athleisure form which has a subtle touch of Zen (禪) . Details such as asymmetrical structure, one-shoulder and strappy decoration really attract me. Even though I might look like going to a meditation class, I still love the laid-back spirit this kind of style.

For the pants, I have to proudly say that I found them in MARSHALLS. No shame shopping at off-price retailer! I’m actually pretty surprise that I can find  this pair of branded flared cropped jeans at Marshalls, and only costs me less than 15 bucks. It’s high-waisted and in pretty good quality. But the highlight of the look should go to the platform sandals. It used to be so trendy about 10 years ago, and now it’s back! No matter if it’s the boho-ish espadrilles or sporty sandals, platforms won’t be the wrong fashion investment for this season.

And I personally like simple silhouette with monochromatic colors, so I normally would like to highlight my look with sophisticated accessories or makeups to make a strong statement. My recent love, the grenade bag (named by my roommate’s boyfriend, couldn’t find a better name for it lol) just received lots of attention every time when I’m carrying it. I love its round shape and especially the structural handles. But it also looks a bit like some sort of alien egg lol.


Living in New York is definitely more resourceful in regards to vintage shopping. There are tons of different vintage shops around the city or in Brooklyn. So if you like to start shopping some vintages for your closet, here are some places I usually shop at and they offer reasonable or very cheap prices. Usually around $10 to $60. You can also inquire to trade-in your old clothes, but better contact them before bringing the clothes coz they all have different buying policies and price range.

Beacon’s Closet
Probably the most famous mid-price vintage clothing store. They merchandise mostly designers, high-end brands, and also a few contemporary brands. I got a silky DVF tie-blouse in $20 and a also a $15 Petals and Peacocks sweatshirt. Not too bad to be honest. And I always go to the one right next to Parsons, but they do have multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan as well.

Omnia Vintage
I found this one in Dumbo Flea Market one day and I got a vintage stone-washed buttoned denim maxi. The style of Omnia Vintage is more toward artsy and lady-ish. It’s not super cheap but I think it’s still acceptable. They have their own online shop with domestic shipping service.

L Train Vintage
The real off-price vintage shop where you can find super cheap and dope clothes! I would describe their style more like grundy and punk one. I went to the store in Williamsburg with my friend and she got a $8 Levi’s shorts… 8 dollar?…. umm…. My first thought was HOW ARE THEY GONNA MAKE PROFIT? anyway, it is really cheap so I will definitely go to LTV again before leaving New York! I recommend going to the Bushwich location which is much larger and offers more options.

Awoke Vintage
One of my favorite vintage shop that I will definitely visit every time when I’m in Williamsburg! It’s a very clean and hipster boutique shop.  Sometimes they not only have pretty good promotion, but also some great new arrivals that always refresh my eyes. Like last time I went there with my friend and we got a BOGO discount, so I ended up getting a 100% silk embroidery vintage blouse with just $25! #whatadeal

Front General Store
Japanese style vintage store. The price range is higher than other vintage stores I usually go, but I love their merchandise assortment especially the stationary and the home goods parts. It’s a mixture of Japanese hipster and New Yorker styles. They also have menswear and some vintage sunnies, eyewears. If you come to Dumbo please don’t miss this cool store!

Dumbo Flea Market
The flea market only opens on Sunday during summer time. Aside from vintage clothings, there are also lots of vendors selling artifacts, accessories and vinyl. Lots of coffee shops and cool boutique stores are around the flea market, too.

Manhattan Vintage Show
I went to the vintage show around April because of work, and it totally opened my eyes! Lots of high-end and well-known vintage stores joined the exhibition, and I spent my entire afternoon discovering cool stuffs and chatting with these interesting owners and where they found these unique products. Even though a $15 ticket is required to this trade show (online price), I highly recommend everyone who loves fashion to check out the show and it will surely surprise you with many new findings! The next show will be around October so if you’re interested don’t forget to stay tuned.

So I hope you all enjoy reading this! I believe the upcoming spring days will be a lot more fun if we can step out a bit from the comfort zone and try some new styles. I always do some trend research and try to digest the trend highlights before incorporating them with my personal styles, so that I won’t blindly follow trends that don’t fit me. It’s just my own little tip but hope it helps 🙂 See you guys very soon!

Top: Zara
Jeans: Gap
Sandals: Tory Sport
Bag: The House of Findings
Watch: Skagen

Photo credit: Ruby Jiang