Spring weather in New York is extremely unpredictable.  It changes so quick that somehow reminds me of the spring in Taipei when I always carry a cardigan in my bag just in case the temperature drops at evening. Though I always ended up getting a cold. To be honest, the weather this week is like roller coaster. Yesterday it’s only 27 degree. I couldn’t help but thinking: is it November or April?

Bizarrely, looking through the window I always get fooled by the bright sunshine, and people start to wear sunglasses as if it’s summer already. However, when you step outside your face gets pinched by the chilly freeze air—for real. So now I see why people told me that I can’t put away my coats and beanies until May. As a matter of fact, coat and beanie are my essentials for winter campus life, especially as a commuter. During the winter, functionality and warmness are still the two major concerns for FIT students; even if we’re in a fashion school,  most of us still keep a simple, minimalistic and casual day-to-day outfit and perhaps mix-match with some trendy items. A nice looking coat that has excellent fit is really important especially when it comes to freezing days like this. Even though there goes a saying that “Give me fashion or give me death”, I just don’t wanna freeze to death on the street. So don’t fool yourself by thinking you can survive the really chilly wind with just a wool coat when it’s below 30 degree: just get a puffer jacket that can keep you cozy and comfy.


So this is my basic outfit for school. I love casual but chic look and to achieve that you really need a pair of comfortable sneakers. Because nothing can compare with a pair of good walking shoes in a city that everyone has to walk and take subway and walk… 80% of people are commuting everyday, and it doesn’t sound like a good idea to walk in heels all day. Another interesting observation of mine is that New Yorkers love to carry a tiny bag along with a huge canvas tote: A tote that they can fold and put inside their small bag. A nice canvas tote is pretty practical and versatile: carrying notebooks and book to read on the subway, laptop or camera if you’re a freelancer, or use it as a grocery shopping bag. Canvas tote is a good stuff for sure, and I saw so many chic people have their own special canvas tote. Some common bags are from Urban Outfitters or & Other Stories, and it kind of forms a interesting fashion trend as well.

So to sum up, I think my essential items as a commuting student in New York City will be: white sneakers/black Chelsea boots, puffer jacket, sunglasses and canvas tote. Super effortless and you can just throw on and go. I think it’s totally my style as I always oversleep and got no time to finish my eye makeup… And let’s call it a day, see you!

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