DONE WITH SCHOOL! After one year in Fashion Institute of Technology I can finally say bye-bye to those endless projects and assignments! But life in New York is just so splendid so I tried to record some moments in April and May before graduation.

I kind of like the idea of randomly taking some daily clips, so it’s actually easier and more realistic to show something here and there. I was a bit regret that I didn’t do this at the beginning and wait all the way until I graduated from school. WHAT A PITY!!!! I should have show something more interesting and fun in the school…

FYI, I did the video just with my phone so probably the quality isn’t as good as it should be. But hopefully I can get my own DSLR as soon as possible, so no more shabby and shaky videos!

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts and I appreciate every feedback from you guys! Hope I can keep up with the work and keep posting more of the life here.

Music: Rose by Kahu