Last Sunday I decided to make a little difference of my daily routine. Usually Sunday is my homework day which means I rarely go out and would just stay at home to catch up on my assignments. However, last Sunday was different. I successfully got up before noon and went out for shopping and a random photo shoot. I think it was because that I realized the fact that uploading mirror selfie with #ootd isn’t enough for becoming a real blogger. Therefore, I grabbed my DSRL and forced my poor boyfriend who seldom takes good photos to take a few snapshots for me. So he literally tried his best and let’s give him a big applause!


Anyway, I found out that my Marc Jacobs gift card still laid quietly on my table with a thick thick thick layer of dust on it. No kidding. So I thought it’s time to spend it all. Then we headed to the store at Bleecker Street where MJ beauty, bookstore and fashion lines are all located nearby. At first I wanted to buy a small gift to my boyfriend, but it turned out that: 1. he has no passion toward Marc Jacobs and 2. there’s no menswear at Bleecker Street. Anyhow, I ended up bought an eyeshadow palette and a small golden bracelet. Spent all my gift card credit and felt awesome.


Back to the topic: I was wearing a short sleeve cropped white shirt covered with another long grid shirt. I kind of like to wear a shirt over another one, and leave the outer one’s buttons opened. It was a chilly afternoon so I wore a leather blazer to keep out the cold wind. For the bottom, I wore a pair of ripped jeans which are super trendy right now. Probably every girl already got at least one pair in their wardrobes. If you’re not, just go get one. I actually trimmed the jeans a bit to show my ankles. Since ripped jeans is so popular now and super wearable almost for every day, I’m considering to buy another pair in slimmer fit. This one that I was wearing is more like boyfriend jeans. Honestly, if you have a big butt like me, boyfriend jeans definitely can alter your body figure way better than skinny jeans.



So this look is basically my day-to-day outfit. I love effortless style which won’t cost you too much time to think about what should go with what.  One of my principle is that when you mix-match multiple garments with different textures/patterns (e.g. acid-washed denim, leather, and grid), remember to keep the color down to 1 or 2 only, or as monochromatic as possible, so that the overall look won’t have too many details to focus.


Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you like it or you have any suggestion. See you :)|
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