One of the retail innovation trend is digitalizations. Integrating online and brick-and-mortar store, Rebecca Minkoff with eBay launched digital flagship shops in New York city and San Francisco. In the stores, there are touch-panel walls and fitting room mirrors which connect to all of the brand’s digital and social media content.

For example, customers can browse on the wall to see the latest show and trendy items, just like browsing the e-shop. In addition to quickly reviewing all the merchandise, customers can also select items and directly add them to their own customized fitting room, which means sales associates can prepare these apparels immediately and she can even order drinks through the wall while waiting her fitting room prepared. In the fitting room, each merchandise has RFID and the connected mirror identifies other sizes and colors that are available to the consumer.


By integrating online and offline shopping, customers can save their wish list online and try them physically in store, track their fitting history, creating a seamless shopping experience. Most importantly, through such omni-channel strategy, Rebecca Minkoff can gather more solid and personalized customer data which can help the brand analyze and develop their future product line in a more consumer-oriented way.

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